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Friday, February 26, 2010

Kiss Me Kate!!

My precious little girl is turning six today!!! I can't believe it... She's my baby.... Wow!!! There is something very special about this little girl. I know all mom's feel their kids are special, which they are... and should be... But this little angel got something extra on the way down from Heaven. I'm still trying to figure "WHAT" exactly it is... Spirit?? Yes... Spunk?? Yes... Personality?? Absolutely!!! (i could go on and on here but i don't need to...) One look at her and you can tell. everyone does... I've gone a little overboard with her party today. It is impossible not to when she is just oozing excitement, it's infectious!!! We are going to have soooooo much fun! I can't wait until 2 o'clock. Nothing else is going to be thought of today! It's Katie's day!!!! What could be more fun than celebrating another milestone in her life... it's a celebration OF life. Katie has had type 1 Diabetes for almost 2 & 1/2 years now. Some days I feel I've had to battle an entire (heavily armed) army with my bare hands to save her life. No wonder in exhausted by 7 at night...lol. The point, I guess, I'm trying to make is that she loves life, and laughs in the face of her Diabetes, and shows everyone around her how it looks to be happy! Thank you Katie for your example... Mommy loves you sooooo Much! Happy Birthday to my Angel!!!

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